Eonsmoke e-cigarette General News on Industry

eCigarettes generate quite a lot of buzz in the media, particularly since many celebrities have begun to be seen using them. With most products, you can expect some people to be supportive and others to be anti whatever that product is. Electronic cigarettes are certainly no exception and are often seen in the headlines for one reason or another. If you are wondering why they get so much attention of just what specific attention they are receiving, there are a number of topics that are mentioned in the news regarding this industry.

Probably the most talked about topic regarding eCigarettes is the health and safety issue. Although they are about a decade old, e-cigarettes are considered to be relatively new and so there are many concerns about their actual safety. They contain no smoke and produce a water based vapor but some wonder about the liquid nicotine and its effect on the body. The main buzz that surrounds them is actually focused more on the overall effects of nicotine and its safety as opposed to the actual safety of an eCigarette.

There is also quite a bit of news surrounding the legality and regulation of the eCigarette industry. Because there is not a lot of scientific study evidence to show the effects of liquid nicotine on the body, there are very few laws that prohibit the use of these cigarettes. Most states do prohibit them from being sold to minors although those are about the only legal restrictions in place at the moment. Recent bans on smoking regular cigarettes in public areas have some smokers considering eCigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking. While the Food and Drug Administration is currently working on tighter regulations that could include banning the use of eCigarettes in any area where smoking in general is permitted, this has yet to happen. The news is filled with stories of people supporting the eCigarette industry and those who feel that the FDA certainly should tighten the reins just a bit.

Cigarette ads in general were done away with several years ago. There are no longer any smoking commercials on television and none in magazine ads. Instead of these advertisements supporting tobacco companies, what you see today in the way of advertising are messages that show adverse effects of nicotine and smoking in general. eCigarettes however are a bit different regarding their advertising. There were ads for these products seen during the Super Bowl which is when major corporations really get creative to get consumer attention. This caused a bit of controversy and many feel that because traditional cigarettes cannot be advertised in such a manner, eCigarettes should be banned as well.

If you pay attention to the news at all, you are likely to see a lot of information from both sides of the fence. There are always going to be supporters of products and there are always going to be opposition for those same products. The eCigarette industry is not different and as the FDA tightens regulations there is likely to be more news in the future surrounding this industry.